Artisanal Mehndi

Oakland * Mexico * Europe

An ICNHA certified henna artist, Darcy Vasudev is one of the most influential henna artists in her field, with over 14 years of professional experience and an international following. Known for her precise and artistic designs that mix traditional and contemporary motifs, Darcy's iconic designs often "go viral" on Pinterest and Instagram.

Darcy specializes in destination wedding mehndi and international events in Mexico, Costa Rica, Hawaii, and Europe. She has taught her techniques at the world's largest henna conference, as well as smaller conferences around the world. 

Darcy mixes her henna by hand, from ingredients carefully sourced from around the world. The very same supplies she uses on her clients are now available to the public at her sister site

Her henna artwork has been featured in an impressive array of publications. Despite all the hullabaloo and press, Darcy shies away from the spotlight. She prefers one on one time with her clients, many of whom have become dear friends. When she's not drawing on people or traveling, she chills in Oakland with her rescued 3 cats, 1 dog, and her boyfriend. 

We hope you will come visit Henna Lounge in Oakland, or perhaps meet up with us at a fun destination soon!