Destination Wedding Henna

Everyone could not stop raving about you and your beautiful work and I still have some colour on my hands and the henna tan that makes me look like Iā€™m wearing lace gloves. I love it!

Inspiration: After seeing a rash (pun intended) of chemical henna usage around the globe, Darcy made it her goal to bring the beauty of natural henna to destination weddings, and had her first event in Mexico in 2012. All bridal mehndi is done personally by Darcy, and additional artists are available upon request.

Safety: Henna is made fresh for each event, and Darcy uses certified organic henna, organic cane sugar (vegan), purified water, and essential oils, so it smells amazing. A rich stain is guaranteed when you follow the basic aftercare instructions. Darcy is an internationally certified natural henna artist. 

Booking: Darcy offers a complimentary email or phone consultation to discuss your design concepts or any special requests. It is recommended that you book 3-6 months in advance for most events, or 6-12 months in advance for events held near holidays, or destination wedding high season (October through February). 

Ease of Planning: Henna Lounge offers a "no surprises"* experience. Our up-front pricing is inclusive of fresh henna paste, artist's flights, transportation, and accommodations at a locally owned hotel.

*NOT INCLUDED: resort fees or vendor fees at all-inclusive resorts, decor or lighting. The client will be responsible for any costs incurred by the resort.

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