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Darcy Vasudev

California* Mexico * Europe


An internationally certified henna artist, Darcy Vasudev is one of the most influential artists in her field, with over 15 years as a henna pro, and an international following. Known for her iconic style, Darcy's designs often "go viral" on Pinterest and Instagram.

Darcy specializes in destination weddings, and creative retreats in Mexico, Costa Rica, Hawaii, Central America, and Europe. She is a sought after henna instructor, having taught at world's largest henna conference, as well as international conferences.

Darcy mixes fresh henna for each event, using only organic and natural ingredients. Her exclusive products are also available to the public at

Her henna artwork has been featured in magazines, news articles and blogs, as well as in the short film, Blank Canvas. Despite all the press, Darcy shies away from the spotlight. She prefers one on one time with her clients. When she's not drawing on people or traveling, she chills in Oakland with her rescued 3 cats, dog, and boyfriend. She's not sure who rescued whom.

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Bridal Design by Darcy Vasudev


Destination Wedding Henna

Everyone could not stop raving about you and your beautiful work and I still have some colour on my hands and the henna tan that makes me look like I’m wearing lace gloves. I love it!

Inspiration: After seeing a rash (pun intended) of chemical henna popping up in tourist destinations around the globe, Darcy made it her goal to bring the beauty of natural henna to destination weddings, and had her first event in Mexico in 2012.  Since then, destination events have now become the primary offering of Henna Lounge. All bridal mehndi is done personally by Darcy, and additional artists are available upon request.

Safety: Real henna needs to be made fresh the day before an event, and Darcy uses 100% certified Organic henna, organic cane sugar (vegan), purified water, and essential oils. A rich stain is guaranteed when you follow the basic aftercare instructions. This hand-crafted blend also smells amazing- no stinky mehndi! Darcy is an internationally certified natural henna artist. 

Booking: Darcy offers a complimentary email or in-person consultation to discuss your design concepts or any special requests. It is recommended that you book 3-6 months in advance for most events, or 6-12 months in advance for events held on holiday weekends. 

Ease of Planning: Henna Lounge "to go" offers a "no surprises"* experience. Our pricing includes a daily rate and additional optional overtime, hand-crafted henna supplies, artist's flights, transportation, and accommodations at a locally owned hotel.  Email today for a quote. 

*NOT INCLUDED: resort fees or vendor fees at all-inclusive resorts, decor or lighting. The client will be responsible for any costs incurred by the resort.


Get in Touch!

I really loved my bridal mehndi and I truly enjoyed your exemplary service! It was one of the easier days of my whole wedding planning and I couldn’t thank you enough!

Henna Lounge is based in the San Francisco Bay Area, California, however due to our travel schedule we do not have a retail salon.  We do accept a limited number of private appointments at Darcy's home in Oakland when she is not traveling. Be sure to include your event date and location (if outside the Bay Area) when writing to us. Please note that we are unable to accept same-day appointments. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


Mobile: 415-215-6901

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