Keep Calm and Get Your Henna On

Certainly this has been a challenging winter so far, but where there are challenges, creativity takes root. I started to have a vision for a new photoshoot and it all came together beautifully, although every project also has its challenges. This one, coming on the heels of Valentines' Day had left the local florist high and dry, so I took a walk around my neighborhood and collected fallen camellia and rose petals from the previous night's storm, and surreptitiously snipped a couple of plum blossoms. A hot bath was prepared with two luxurious gallons of milk, bubble bath (which didn't actually bubble much), and of course many fragrant blossoms. There was a brief moment of panic when I thought I might have inadvertently dropped a worm into the bath with my model, but it turned out to just be a bruised petal. Yikes! After the initial moment of panic, the soothing bath and early spring aromas calmed us down, and the results were pure magic!

Model: Shawna S. Henna, photography and styling by Henna Lounge.

mehndi inspiration.jpg
outro with henna.jpg