Top 10 Ways to Style Metallic Tattoos

If I've been a little quiet lately, it's because I have been busily working on a project for Nüd Ink,  a start-up metallic tattoo company! My first collaboration with Nüd Ink is complete and we have launched the Henna Lounge exclusive collection titled "Sundara", which means "beautiful". I also wanted the name to reflect my passion for the Mexican sun, and you will see some sunny motifs in the collection, and Mexico is, of course the place that I also photographed our beautiful models. "Dar" is also the Spanish verb "to give" and the first letters of my name, so all in all every little bit of the name is filled with significance. I hope this collection inspires you to "give beauty" everywhere you go!  So, now the fun part, how to style the trend!

1. apply them perfectly

For a crisp, clean look, cut to size, then peel the plastic protective sheet off, press onto clean and dry skin, wet the backing for 30 seconds and peel off! Ta da!

Cut, press, wet, and peel.

Cut, press, wet, and peel.

2. Try a traditional mehndi-inspired placement on the hands

3. Freshen Up Your Feet

Another traditional placement, and oooh shiny!

4. Glam up your little black something

Metallic tattoos are all the jewelry you need.

5. Be a Bohemian Beach Babe

Go ahead and mix up crochet, beachy hair, a sun-kissed skin, and Nüd Ink for an effortless boho look on the playa.

6. Get Sexy

Show off gorgeous gams with an bold piece on the thigh.

7. Expect the Unexpected

Sometimes a change of perspective is just what you need. The collection is designed to complement different body parts, and to mix and match. A true fashionista knows how to take a trend and make it their own.

8. Rock NüD with an Undercut

It's all in the details - and edgy haircut, gauged earrings, and subtle flash of gold and silver ink. 

9. With Something Backless

Make a statement whether you are arriving or leaving. 

10. Wear It With a Friend

Share the love and it's twice as nice.

A huge thank you to our models Sofia, Jill, Alia, and Lara.