Loss for words

I've started and restarted this blog post about a dozen times. I am going to spare you the "I'm so happy it hurts" monologue, and just show you some pictures instead. I am currently staying in Tulum, Mexico, before heading to Cancun to do some wedding henna. 

Yesterday I had a great day in Cancun. My friend Flori lives there, and I was invited to her daughter's birthday party, complete with a Marimba band, home-made sopes, and a chocolate fountain. I got to practice my Spanish as her whole family is from Mexico City, and even hennaed her mom and dad. What a fun day!

Pro Tip: DON'T swim for 24 hours after your henna application. Here is me, breaking my own rule, and yes my henna is fading as a result of excessive water exposure. It's recommended that you wait until after you wedding to take a swim, if you are trying to preserve your mehndi. 

Swimming in the Caribbean

The whole Mayan Riviera has many things to do, from visiting ruins, cenotes, relaxing on the beach, and watching the changing clouds. I love showing people the area and took my friend to one of the cenotes. They are formed because the whole area is limestone, with a huge network of underground rivers. When the limestone on top caves in a cenote is formed, which can be like a swimming pool in the middle of the jungle, or even a cave complete with bats living in it, stalactites and stalagmites. 

Other activities can be as simple as climbing a water tower to watch the sun set over the jungle, and posing for silly selfies. 

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