November Newsflash

Cookies, travel itinerary, and more!

It's hard to believe the shops already have Christmas decorations up, but it's true, another year has almost passed us by. No complaints, time flies when you're having fun. 

Cookie Mania! 

Ever since I posted my colorful cookie creations earlier this summer, things have been a little crazy. I'm not much of a baker (mainly because I can't be trusted with cookie batter) so I outsourced my baking to Christa from Hey, Cookie!. Christa just won the Best of the Bay award for Best Dessert, so you know you're in good hands. She bakes, I decorate. 

Sugar-skulls for Dia de Los Muertos

Sugar-skulls for Dia de Los Muertos

Paisley cookies for a wedding dessert bar

Paisley cookies for a wedding dessert bar

How to Decorate Cookies:

I ended up getting a lot of questions about the cookies, such as what kind of frosting to use and how to decorate them, so I filmed the process. About 30 minutes of total footage, hours and hours of editing, and two videos that are just a couple of minutes each.   I hope you enjoy them and get to try your hand at cookie decorating for the holidays. 


South by Midwest, of something like that... 

This November has shaped up to be quite an exciting one and a challenging one as well. First I will fly to Cabo San Lucas for a destination wedding. Cabo is located on the rugged Baja Peninsula, where desert mountains tumble into the sea. At the tip of Baja, the Sea of Cortez and the great Pacific Ocean mingle waters. What a perfect place for a wedding, the mingling of two separate entities!   In addition to the famous coastline and just blocks away from the rowdy American style bars like Señor Frog's and Squid Row, there are tiny authentic restaurants serving up fresh food and friendly service. 

Rustic ambiance

Rustic ambiance

Just after the mehndi festivities in Cabo, I fly by way of Mexico City, and then continuing on to Cancun, all the way on the opposite side of Mexico. After arriving at the balmy Cancun airport, I will quickly walk past everyone trying to sell me a timeshare or taxi, and get on a bus for Tulum. This two hour bus ride goes along a corridor of fancy resorts on the beach side and tangled mangrove and forest on the right side. Tulum is a sort of hippie expat paradise, populated by mostly young folks (not your usual expats!) from all over the world, with a few leathered and weathered old-timer artists and "shamans" thrown in for good measure. This last-minute destination wedding came together quickly and I was happy that I could fit it into my schedule. It required some musical chairs with my flights, and one of my bigger challenges, packing for Minneapolis in the same suitcase! The flight shuffling means I will now be flying from Cancun to Minneapolis! Just one year ago, I did one of my favorite weddings ever in Tulum, and here is one of my favorite photos from that trip, taken by Del Sol Photography. 


Henna on the beach. Photo by  Del Sol.

Henna on the beach. Photo by Del Sol.

And what about the Midwest? Whatever will I be doing in Minneapolis? The über-talented Victoria Welch is hosting her annual henna conference "Polar Sling", a weekend long meet-up populated mostly by other professional henna artists. It's a veritable smorgasbord of some of the best henna artists in the world and a chance to gossip, kvetch, and create, create, create! A slumber party for Bohemian spirits of all ages...

Well, thanks for reading to the bottom. Please stay tuned as I will be posting fresh travel photos from Cabo and Tulum and my latest bridal mehndi patterns.   If you're interested in minimalist travel, I'll also post pictures of my suitcase and what I packed in order to be stylish in both Mexico and Minneapolis!