Geometry in Henna

Last night I decided to finally do some henna on myself  and I was thinking about some other henna artists who do really gorgeous geometric work. I usually end up with fussy Indian patterns on myself, so I figured I should try something different for a change. After I posted the photo on Facebook, lots of people were asking how to make the geometric netting. I first saw this pattern done in some Moroccan tile-work, and later done in henna by Nic of Nomad Heart who says he saw it done in a Rajasthani henna pattern. It looks complicated, but it's so simple! Here is a step by step.

First version, and this is the technique I use. I use a very stringy Rajasthani henna, which makes line-draping easy.

Lay out your first set of lines

Add in your 2nd set of lines

Check the angle by making a triangle

Continue draping your lines

Add your details

If you're still feeling confused by the geometry, or have trouble draping lines, or have trouble getting the right angle, it's OK, because I have a second technique for you! It's not exactly the same end result geometrically (this one doesn't yield an equilateral triangle), but fakes it pretty well in a pinch and you can still create some really unique patterns!

Layout your parallel lines


Keep going with the triangles


Trying something a little different this time

Diamonds and dots

It creates negative space flowers, fun!


And this is how this tile-pattern looks as part of a complete henna pattern. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Let me know in your comments.

Fusion henna pattern with geometric elements

henna tutorial