The Ikebana-inspired Design

Henna Chai Conference and Retreat is just a little over a month away and I am getting very excited about teaching there. One of the things I enjoy about teaching is that it forces me to analyze my own design techniques and find ways to put it into words.  One class, which I will teach for the very first time at Henna Chai in Maryland, is the Ikebana-inspired design. Using the Japanese floral arranging principles of Line, Volume, and Accent we will try creating henna patterns using these simple, yet infinitely variable, concepts. We will also explore secondary design elements such as natural shapes, balance, negative space, color alternatives, texture, and density.  Many of my students have been asking me about shading, so we will also take this opportunity to learn several shading techniques and explore making some more realistic-looking flowers and leaves.

This is a hands-on course suitable for all levels and can be applied to any style of henna pattern, including bridal henna. This class is also the perfect complement to my Gulf Henna course,  or an alternate class for beginning students who don't yet have the cone control necessary for the intermediate-level Gulf course.

Ikebana inspired henna