Learn to Photograph Henna at the Henna Chai Workshop

One of the classes I will be teaching at Henna Chai in March is all about photographing henna. A beautiful photo can make mediocre henna look good, or a poor photo can do even the most gorgeous henna a disservice. We're going to break it down into bite-sized pieces so even a novice photographer can take fabulous henna photos. While we hope you have a real camera to bring to class, and not just an iPhone, many techniques will work with even a camera phone. There will be an emphasis on creating your own unique ambiance, that is perfect for your own henna style, because no one wants to see henna photos that look like "stock images". First of all, we're going to find out if our cameras have manual settings. Most importantly, we'll find the "A" (aperture) setting and discover how to get that coveted "bokeh" or background blur that helps make a photo look professional. And it might seem old-school, but we're also going to work with Manual Focus.

Glitter mehndi hearts

Zoom zoom zoom...To zoom or not to zoom? The answers may surprise you.

We'll discuss lighting issues, including some quick hacks for less-than-optimal lighting conditions.

Natural indoor light

We'll address some of the golden rules of composition, making use of grid-lines on our cameras, directional lines, and subject placement. Hint: it's not always in the middle of the frame! We'll talk about backdrops, where to place them, and how to position your subject's hands or feet in relation to the background.

Fun and funky feet

Finally we will discover how to use color theory to determine the best ways to show off a beautiful henna stain! We will quickly review how to select photos for your portfolio using very basic criteria. Time permitting we will play with some hand poses and take some test-shots.

Please bring your cameras, a pretty piece of cloth, object or jewelry, and a notebook for taking visual notes! We hope to see you there! For more information on this amazing retreat at the Pearlstone Center near Baltimore, Maryland, please visit the Henna Chai website.

Mehndi feet near Playa del Carmen