FDA fail

I've been meaning to restart my HennaLounge blog for ages now! I guess the time has come...

Well the latest news is that the FDA is really cracking down on Henna shipments coming into the US. They claim to be concerned about contaminants such as PPD. But is PPD the real issue? And why would they be cracking down on Organically grown henna with no added chemicals? It doesn't make sense. Does the FDA just want to have 100% control over our bodies and force us to buy carcinogenic chemicals that are FDA approved, while denying us the right to use plants that naturally grow out of the earth? And I'm not even talking about drugs here, just basic things, like healthy non-GMO food and natural cosmetics. I find this really frustrating and saddening. The FDA is making me feel like a criminal for doing this natural body art that has been done for thousands of years.

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