Art of Adornment

Let me tell you, being a bald woman can feel wobbly at times...everyone looks at you and wonders if you have cancer, what your story is. With Darcy’s art on my head, I get stopped every fifteen minutes or so with praise and ‘wow! Darcy’s work has been’s been the most tremendous blessing.

Henna Crown Info

There has been a lot of media coverage about henna crowns lately. Henna Lounge has been offering beautiful henna crowns since 2005! Henna crowns are a fantastic, body-positive way to express yourself, without the need for hot hats or itchy wigs. Darcy was featured in the 2011 short-film Blank Canvas (filmed by Sarah Berkovich, starring Kim Thelen) which, after 3 years on the film festival circuit, is finally available to the public.

  • Henna Lounge uses only certified organic natural henna, sugar, water, and low-camphor essential oils to ensure a safe, pleasant experience. Darcy has been offering henna crowns for almost 15 years.

  • If you are planning a DIY job, please make sure you purchase your supplies from a reputable vendor such as or and NEVER use a cone that you find at the Indian store (these cones may contain dangerous chemicals and preservatives). Real henna is always freshly made for your appointment, or fresh-frozen.

  • Even if you have lost most of your hair, fine baby hairs still exist (and can interfere with the henna process), so shave your head the day or so before your appointment (not the same day, as nicks or cuts need time to heal).

  • Make sure that your scalp is completely clean and free of any lotion, oil, or sunscreen on the day of your appointment.

  • Let the artist know if you have any specific plant allergies, or if you are particularly sensitive to particular aromas, especially if you are experiencing any nausea during your chemotherapy treatment. Most clients find the essential oils in the henna mixture to smell surprisingly refreshing and relaxing.

  • Let your artist know if you have any additional requirements recommended by your doctor.

  • Henna sessions can take up to 90 minutes, but please allow a little extra time in your schedule for drying and sealing of the design.

  • Once the design is complete and dry, the paste should be left on for a minimum of 8 hours. Some clients have reported even better results by leaving the paste on for 24 hours and avoiding water for an additional 24 hours.

  • The color will be a light orange at first and oxidize to a reddish brown stain, which can last 1-3 weeks (the blackish look in the photos is with the paste still on, real henna is never black )

  • Normally we are able to accommodate appointments Monday-Friday 11am-5pm. We look forward to adorning your dome.